With all our years of experience here is our advice on ensuring you use the right removal boxes for the job.

It’s all to easy to pop down to your supermarket and pick up some cardboard boxes for packing your personal belongings. But they were not built for the job and in no time you could be looking at your best china smashed on the floor because the bottom has fallen out.

You’ll need the right type of box. What it is you want to pack?

Our top tips.

Get yourself a good range of quality double walled cardboard boxes

Good quality packing tape to fasten the bottom and tops of your boxes and plenty of packing paper for wrapping and filling the gaps. Make sure you have a wide selection of different sized boxes, medium sized ones for your kitchen china, smaller ones for books, cds and videos. Even bottle boxes are great not just for your wine, they can be used for your tall stem glasses and champagne flutes. Don’t be tempted to cut corners by using cheap or inferior materials as they won’t do the job and your belongings will get broken.

Don’t over fill your boxes but make sure you always fill them up to the top and fill in all the spaces. 

Pack your heavy items in small boxes and light items in the larger boxes. If you are packing a box containing items of different weights, put the heavier items in first as it spreads the load. But pack all the boxes to their tops, filling all the spaces with crushed paper. If you have big spaces or you don’t want the boxes to be to heavy then fill the gaps and tops with pillows and cushions. What you want is the boxes to be rigid when you pick them up and this will help you stack the boxes properly in the van.

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