Top Tips for moving yourself

It’s not an easy decision to move yourself but if you are looking to save money and you are organising a student move or a 1 bedroom flat it might be the route to go. You’ll need some friends to help you moving yourself and here are some tips ensure it goes smoothly.



How far are you moving?

Depending on the distance you are moving you might need to get your van hire delivered the day before, especially if you have to set off at the crack of dawn. When you are working out costs don’t forget to include fuel costs. Even different size vans vary in fuel prices. Get your packing done early. Professional removal men don’t try and pack and move on the same day.


What vehicle are you going to use?

You have a few options here. You could persuade your friends to use their vehicles but your best option is to hire a van. You can get cheap deals but don’t forget to take in account how many trips you’ll need. It might make financial sense to rent a bigger one and only make 1 trip.  You could get a removal quote and that will help you work out the size of van you might need.


Have you got insurance?

Easily forgotten, but at your peril. Make sure you check out your home insurance. Some policy’s cover you when moving home but make sure it’s not just cover if removal men do it, you should check it covers you too. It’s also possible you might need storage so make sure you checked the details of your insurance for your time in storage.


Who is going to help you?

If you are moving your self you have 3 options; just you, you and friends or you and family. If you are lucky you’ll have all three. Don’t under estimate how hard work it is going to be so don’t over pack those boxes because you’ll need to lift them and stack them. Try not to do this on you own.


Final words of wisdom

  • Get organised, plan early
  • Have a checklist so that you don’t forget anything.
  • Get yourself good quality packing supplies. Remember these are your personal belongings, they matter to you. SO cheap boxes and bags break. Also when you pack the van you need everything to be secure and safe.
  • Contact your utility companies, schools, doctors etc well in advance. You can download our moving house checklist to help you out.
  • Read our packing tips for moving house.

You can find on this website plenty of handy hints and tips and guides to help make your home or office move a bit easier.  You can even watch our videos on how to pack your belongings in our moving boxes. Buy your packing supplies online and purchases over £40 delivery is free of charge.