If you are not using a removal firm moving yourself or packing your house up can be stressful and often we leave everything to the last minute, so here are our top tips.


  • Choose the right packing materials and equipment.


  • When it comes to choosing the right boxes and packing supplies always buy high quality strong boxes. Remember it’s your precious personal items that you’ve saved up for. Why leave it to chance?


  • Always choose the right size box for the job. Heavy items in smaller boxes so they are easier to carry and load into your vehicle.


  • Place heavy items at the bottom of the boxes and place lighter things at the top. Fill up the empty spaces with cushions, paper, small cloths so that your belongings cannot move around and break.


  • Label your boxes with the room you want to place them in. Write what’s in the box. Glasses or cutlery not just kitchen it’s much easier when it comes to unpacking.  Don’t mix items from different rooms.


  • Start packing as early as possible. Give yourself plenty of time. Start with the least used rooms.


  • When you are packing your living room make sure you take a photograph of the wires and electrical appliances plugged into your TV before you unplug it.


  • In the kitchen make sure you wrap the sharp knives carefully. Ideally put protectors on them. Wash all the utensils and cutlery before you roll them in your wrapping paper. Glasses need at least 2 sheets of paper when you roll them diagonally across the sheet and fold the excess into the inside of the glass preventing them from breaking.


  • Plates should be wrapped individually. Make sure you label the boxes fragile.


  • Don’t forget to defrost and empty your fridge and freezer. Remember to secure all the drawers and loose parts inside.


  • When it comes to the bedrooms, strip your beds  bare and pack all of the bedding into boxes. Mark up your boxes clearly with whose bedding it is and try to make these the first boxes you unpack so that beds can be made up as soon as possible. The last thing you want to be doing after a long and emotional day is to be searching for bedding late into the evening. You can buy single and double plastic mattresses covers which are fantastic for keeping your mattresses clean and more importantly dry on a rainy day move!


  • When it comes to packing up your shed or garage make sure your tools are clean and any sharp edges are wrapped and taped together if you are packing them loose. Your power tools should be packed with plenty of padding/infill. To further protect your possessions from oil and grease cover the pedals and chains of any bicycles and greased tools.


Finally, don’t forget to pack a moving home kit.

This is so you have your important items to hand on your first day when you move in. Pack a case with essential clothing, toiletries, phone and device charges. Games and toys for the children and food for the pets.  Keep a smaller box to hand which you can put in tea, coffee, a kettle, glasses, mugs and some snacks to keep you going.


For more advice and help you can watch our “How to pack videos” on you tube here.  There are tips on how to pack clothes, pictures, china and glasses.

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