Planning on moving house soon?

Need a wide selection of cheap moving boxes. We have a box for every part of your house. Strong storage boxes for those big and bulky items. Book boxes for your more heavy belongings such as books, CD’s and DVD’s. and Wardrobe boxes to keep your clothes dry and clean.

We also have all those extras you’ll need to pack your belongings away safely and securely. When there is a big move on the horizon it’s essential to be well prepared.

There is no need to compromise on quality for a lower price. Our cheap moving boxes are strong and sturdy made from double walled cardboard to pack away everything from your kitchen pots and pans to entertainment accessories.

Don’t forget those packaging accessories

For your more delicate ornaments use an extra layer of protection by wrapping them in our acid free packing paper. You can buy them in 5kg single packs or benefit from our multi buy offer.  And if even more extra protection you can buy our  bubble wrap in 10m or 100m rolls.

If you are moving yourself don’t forget to cover those armchairs and mattresses. Our heavy duty polythene covers will keep them dry and dust free. We have a selection of sofa, chair and mattress to choose from.


Free Delivery

So don’t wait until it’s too late. Buy today and and get our free next day delivery offer and if you spend over £40 you’ll get free delivery as well.