There are plenty of ways to increase the value of your home, but you might need a few moving boxes whilst you get to work.


Utilise your garage

Look at the value of your garage. Are you just using it for storage? Is it full of moving boxes you’ve never unpacked, bikes, gardening equipment and general stuff? Well take all those elements out and then look. Could be be turned into a lovely living space? Get some advice first. Estate agent and builders will always come round and provide you with quotes and valuations you may find it’s well worth be considering

What about a loft conversion?

Do you need a new bedroom or bathroom? You could spend £25,000 and add £40,000 to the value of your house. But don’t jump straight in. You must make sure that the house can handle it. Height of the ceiling, floor joists are the first things to come to mind. Get those quotations in, check planning permission and get at least 2 estate agents round to ensure it’s worth the upheaval.

Have you consider a basement conversion?

This is an unusual approach but sometime it can pay off. Don’t approach it without getting specialists in to design and survey whether your property can handle the structural load. You’ll definitely need to put your belonging in moving boxes and move out of your home for a while but the results could be well worth it. Cost it, cost it, cost it first.! If you wont get your money back then don’t embark on it.

Add a conservatory

Making the downstairs living space bigger is always a good idea but don’t just bolt something on the back. It must look like it belongs to the house otherwise it could de-value your property. If you pay out between £5,000- £30,000 a conservatory could add approx. 7% to the value of your house, but check first. Don’t forget to consider under floor heating. Summer months can be great but Winters can be cold.

Look at your front and back gardens.

Your front garden often can often be missed. If you live in a quite area then presentation is everything. Make sure it’s looked after and tidy. But if you live in an urban area off street parking can be king. So consider paving it over. Potentially if marketed properly it can be a real winner. Outdoor lighting

What about your windows and front door?

Front aspect is everything when your potential buyer turns up at your front door. Everything can be smartened up. A coat of paint, a new front door knob, and make sure that bell works. It’s all about first impressions. We not suggesting that you spend thousands on replacing your windows but if they really are the wrong ones for the style of the house then look at replacing them.

Put things in moving boxes, declutter or store.

Have a big tidy up. Remove those bikes, hang some mirrors in the narrow entrance hall. Get rid of the prams, shoes and coats. Look up – if you’ve got things stored on top of cuboads pack them up and put them in storage. Declutter and when you’ve finished declutter some more, read our top tips on how to declutter.

Apply for planning permission

You may not want to actually build an extension but if you apply for planning permission this can add value. It means buyers know what’s possible and it may give them ideas. If they know you already have permission it could be the difference to buying or not.

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