Bubble Wrap without the pop

Sealed Air Corp inventors of Bubble Wrap announced recently that due to a dramatic drop in sales they would be creating a new form of bubble wrap. In other words bubble wrap with out the pop!

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal the company who has been selling Bubble Wrap since 1960 was in the process of developing this new product, currently being called iBubble.

The original Bubble Wrap takes up a great deal of space when shipping it. With the new product it will be sold flat and deflated and then is inflated on site by the buyers. The bubbles are no longer individual, instead there is a row or chain of them. This will dramatically reduce the shipping costs but the result being there will no longer be any pop!

Fortunately Sealed Air Corp have also announced that they will continue to make both versions so we can all rest easy.

The pop hasn’t disappeared for ever!


Image: Imgur.com