The house is nearly sold and your beginning your preparations for moving. You’ve decided to take on the task of moving yourselves so planning is everything. In a DIY move the most important thing to remember is to buy good quality packing materials and strong cardboard storage boxes. Cheap is not always the best.

In the planning process start by making a list of the supplies you will need.  Don’t forget it’s not just storage cardboard boxes you’ll need, you’ll also want plenty of packing tape, paper, blankets and bubble wrap.  Invest in lots of different size cardboard storage boxes. Not just big ones. If you overfill these you wont be able to carry them.

With many years in the removals business our professional teams use a variety of boxes:

  • Removal cardboard storage ones are great for protecting big lampshades, duvets and folded clothes. But because they are designed with double walled cardboard they are perfect for china and glass too.
  • Book boxes are perfect for those heavier items such as your books, CD’s and videos. Perfect in size for packing and storing heavy books but still easy to lift and carry so still protecting your back.
  • Wardrobe boxes with carry handles and built in hanging rail have room for your clothes, suits, accessories and shoes. No need to take your items off the hangers they fit right in, a great time saver when it comes to packing. Perfect for moving home or storing your seasonal items.
  • Bottle Boxes are perfect not just for moving bottles you can also use them to protect your long stem champagne flutes  or wine glasses. The integral cardboard dividers hold the bottles or glasses tightly in place.

Although the thought of packing up your own home can seem a daunting task, if your are organised and pack your house a room at a time using the right equipment you’ll be fine. So make sure you leave yourself enough time.

At www.clarksremovalboxes we have an excellent range of boxes in plenty of sizes and we offer free UK delivery for orders over £40. You can also read our tips for packing your boxes or view our videos online.