If you are moving and packing yourselves when moving house or flat be prepared for  a lot hard work.

Our top tip is to ensure you invest in some proper removal packing supplies. It’s easy to think that using boxes from your local supermarket and putting your clothes in bin liners will save you money. But in the long run it will make your packing more chaotic and mean more trips in the van. And it will probably cost you quite a bit in breakages.

Buy strong, double walled cardboard removal boxes. Easy to pack, seal and stack. Different sizes will allow you to pack the heavier items in smaller boxes making them easier to lift and carry.  They can be sealed and stacked safely on top of each other. Put the heavier ones on the bottom.

Getting ready for a home move here are our top tips

  • Plan your move. Check out access at both addresses so that you can rent the right vehicle.
  • Write your list of who you need to notify
  • Start to declutter. Sell off any of your unwanted items this will help to pay for the move
  • Order your packing supplies. Make sure yo have plenty of different size boxes and lots of packing paper.
  • Start packing early. Don’t leave it to the last minute this will cause you less stress if you get plenty done in advance.
  • Get your family and friends to help.

Have a look at our selection of packing boxes and supplies. We offer free UK delivery for orders over £40 and you can download our packing tips to help you on the day. And if you need any help call us on 01494 774186